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Senin, 23 Februari 2015

fotografi, photostocks, exchange photo content - all these are different names for the same phenomenon. And the phenomenon is more and more becoming an interesting budding photographers. In this article I will try to terms without unnecessary to provide answers to typical questions regarding photo banks.
According to the definitions explaining the meaning of the word "photo bank" is a kind of platform on the Internet, which acts as an intermediary between the photographer and the buyer. A bit like the market, is not it? Every beginner amateur photos, sooner or later, and even rather early familiar with this concept. That you, dear reader, are interested in its definition.
This article will not be long explanations, using the defining terms. The task is different - in a nutshell explain to you what is an image bank, and to help decide whether to be distracted by this side of your hobby called

Photographing portraits.

It is possible that when photographing a portrait, you can help the following tips:
- When shooting a portrait is very important to convey the character and feelings. It is therefore desirable to establish contact with him confidence and not to shoot from long rasstoyaniya.Nekotorye photographers even use this lens with a focal length of less than conventional. It is necessary to take some pictures, trying to catch the moment when the facial expression more fully shows the character of the person.
- To increase the artistic effect is often used Soft (mitigating) lenses and filters that allow you to better convey the texture of human skin.
- In portrait photography is very important color rendition of human skin, so there are special film for portraits (eg Kodak Portra 160NC and Agfa Portrait 160). With conventional amateur films can also get good results, but we should not take the film colors are very saturated.
- Avoid shooting in the sun when you get deep shadows.

- For shooting portraits, usually used lenses with a focal length of 80-135mm. If you want to blur the background, then it should be possible to open the aperture. When using wide-angle lenses are obtained considerable perspective distortion.
- The camera does not have to be at eye level. You can try to change the height and angle of the shot, but not in a very large range otherwise can be a caricature portrait. A slight decrease in terms of shooting makes the image model slimmer.
- Use a variety of focal lengths in order to increase or decrease the future. The use of long lenses makes the image plane and as it approaches the background. Some photographers to properly convey proportions of the figure removed telephoto lens from a great distance, and talking with the model through the radio.
- Great importance should be given to the background. It should not include details that distract from the main figure. It is best to take him out of focus slightly open aperture. In the background, there should be random or drop out of the total composition of the frame objects. As a rule, the best result is obtained when the flat background.
- Portrait looks better with a vertical arrangement of the frame. At the same eye level, it is desirable to place at a distance of one third from the bottom or top of the frame, in order to attract more attention.
- When shooting outdoors often hinders the horizon line to get rid of this problem it is necessary to raise or lower the level at which the picture is taken.
- The worst solution for portrait photography is a frontal lighting, such as built-in flash. The object in the image looks flat and clearly see the reflection of light from the skin.
- When illuminated with light from the top or the reflection of flash light off the ceiling under the eyes and nose shadows appear. To reduce them can be put oyadom white reflector.
- If the lights are located at the bottom, it will give the image a mysterious, mystical appearance.
- Beautiful smooth background is obtained when shooting against the light (eg in front of the window) with a slow shutter speed. In this case, the contour of the figure to get interesting lighting effects, it seems to be blurred. A good result is also obtained if the flash to illuminate the object in front when backlit, it turns normally exposed image on a flat white background. Care should be taken that the frame is not exposed to direct rays from the light sources.

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Rabu, 29 Oktober 2014

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