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Photoshop Video Tutorials - Photoshop For Photographers

Rabu, 29 Oktober 2014

If you’re serious about your photography and your digital-darkroom skills aren’t every bit as strong as your camera-skills, you’re in trouble!

If you’re a professional photographer I don’t need to spend a whole lot of time telling you how important it is that you master the digital-darkroom these days… that should be a given.

If you’re selling photos online you should already know that photo-buyers expect ‘drop-able images‘ … digital images they can drop straight into their layouts, as-is, no-editing required.

If you’re selling images to offline Clients, it’s even more important that the images you present to your Clients are absolute stunners. Flat-lifeless images either don’t sell at all, or worse, leave you with disappointed Clients who won’t ever come back.

Even if you’re a purist who’s always done everything in-camera up until now, it’s extremely unlikely your captured images will ever be fully print-ready without a little work. Even images for screen display are going to need some tweaking… no matter how good your camera skills are.

It’s a set of 20 over-the-shoulder screencast tutorials, where professional Portrait Photographer John Silks shows you step-by-step how he processes his images. He covers the key Photoshop tools and how to use them, the essential fixes & corrections, and all the special tweaks that make his Clients so happy with the final result!

“The best tutorials on Photoshop that I’ve seen! I use capture one pro which has a very simple workflow and unbelievable image quality and noise control. I use Photoshop for portrait retouching mainly for clone and healing brushes and I don’t know much more than that so great to find...

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