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Hobby Called

Senin, 23 Februari 2015

fotografi, photostocks, exchange photo content - all these are different names for the same phenomenon. And the phenomenon is more and more becoming an interesting budding photographers. In this article I will try to terms without unnecessary to provide answers to typical questions regarding photo banks.
According to the definitions explaining the meaning of the word "photo bank" is a kind of platform on the Internet, which acts as an intermediary between the photographer and the buyer. A bit like the market, is not it? Every beginner amateur photos, sooner or later, and even rather early familiar with this concept. That you, dear reader, are interested in its definition.
This article will not be long explanations, using the defining terms. The task is different - in a nutshell explain to you what is an image bank, and to help decide whether to be distracted by this side of your hobby called

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